A quiet day up on Cad East Today with only one aircraft through during the time that I was there, but OH BOY what an aircraft!


The A400 Atlas!  What an incredible aircraft and from our location it passed by SO close!

This is the first time that I have seen it fly outside of an airshow and I still remember how amazingly agile it was at RIAT last year when the pilots put it through an incredible display routine which showed the agility of this aircraft to its fullest.  It was fantastic to see it “in the wild” and I was amazed AGAIN at how quiet it is for its size.  Seeing it certainly made up for what otherwise was a very quiet day!


My good friend David Cox who was kind enough to give me a lift to the Loop again:

Those guys on Cad West look SO tiny all the way down there!!



The top location on East which looked a wee bit precarious to me!



Cad East on 6.1.2017

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